WIP Type-1 hobby hypervisor using Intel VMX for x86-64 EFI PCs.


A ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE Steam Patch mod for interacting with Twipo (in-game Twitter clone) from an in-real-life mobile device.


A simple soft CPU in VHDL designed to run on the Basys 3 FPGA development board.

fx-CG50 Manager PLUS - gdbserver

A GDB Remote Serial Protocol implementation that hooks to fx-CG50 Manager PLUS allowing to debug code running on the emulated calculator.

It can be used to debug add-ins as well as to help reverse-engineer CASIOWIN. Be aware that the emulator is far from being 100% accurate and the firmware is different from the one found on real hardware.

Older projects

Older projects can be found archived on my Github